Professional looking menu boards are now easier than ever

We've recently added a new menu gadget to improve on the style and menu specific functionality of our existing spreadsheet gadget. As with our spreadsheet gadget, this new gadget relies on Google Sheets to provide the menu item data, but also includes menu specific options for layout, styling, and even dynamic pricing columns.

Menu gadget with centered layout
To help you get started there are some new sample menu templates in our template gallery, or simply add the gadget to any of your existing templates.
With this gadget you get a number of predefined layout options to choose from, which makes formatting a breeze no matter the style you are after. Text is easily styled as well with support for Google Fonts.

Another great feature is the ability to customize the number of pricing options. For example, if you wanted to add an Extra Large option, just add a new pricing column to your spreadsheet along with the associated prices. Headers for each price option is customizable as well.

For more information on using the new gadget check out our KB article here:

We hope you find this useful and appreciate any feedback!

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