Intel AIM Integration

Intel's AIM or Audience Impression Metrics suite offers a complete set of tools for determining audience characteristics such as impressions, length of impressions, potential audience size, and gender and age range demographics. Not only does this provide a more accurate picture of your overall viewership, but it also allows you to tailor signage content in real-time based on the individual or audience demographic.

We've partnered with Intel to provide complete integration of AIM into our PC based players. This provides the ability to deliver engaging, dynamic content that is driven by the age, gender, or size of audience in front of your screens. For example, a clothing retailer could change the emphasis of their ads to be more male or female oriented based on the average audience gender. A sign could switch from an 'attract mode' playlist to a more focused playlist based on audience size. The flexibility of the RevelDigital platform combined with the intelligent analytics of AIM provide a whole new level of customer engagement.

For more info on the AIM Suite see the Intel website here:
Call or email us about getting your signage connected to AIM.

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