Picture in Picture, Embedding External Video

The ability to embed external video in digital signage is a powerful feature with a number of use cases. Waiting rooms or lobbies, for example, might have two separate displays for digital signage and live TV. In these cases it would be more cost effective to utilize a single display and embed the TV directly into the signage.

RevelDigital provides a simple means to achieve this functionality without breaking the bank. The only requirement is an Android based PC with HDMI input. Compatible devices are available through us, so just contact us for more information. Enabling live TV in your digital signage template is as easy as adding a TV zone and selecting HDMI as the input type. Most any HDMI source will work including output from DVD players, Cable/Satellite boxes, CCTV, etc.

See our KB article for information here: http://support.reveldigital.com/kb/incorporating-tv-into-digital-signage/picture-in-picture-embedding-external-video-in-a-template

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