New Gadgets, Meeting Room & Mini Weather

Two new gadgets are now available, one designed specifically for meeting room signage, and the other a minimalistic weather gadget. Both are free to use and available now in the template editor.

The new weather gadget displays a high/low temperature along with a condition icon in a compact format, great for signage with limited screen space.

Mini weather gadget

The new meeting room gadget is designed to be used as a room status indicator with current and upcoming reservation details. Similar to our Google Calendar gadget, the meeting room gadget uses Google Calendar as the source of event details. Configuration of the meeting room gadget is simple, just configure with your Calendar ID and room/location name. The gadget takes care of the rest displaying current room reservation (if ongoing), along with the the date/time of the next scheduled reservation. More information on this gadget is available here:

Meeting room gadget

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