Updated gadgets for weather and iCal events calendar

Two new gadgets are now available for weather and calendar of events. Both gadgets are fully localized supporting 60+ locales. The new events gadget supports any iCal feed which is a standard format for sharing calendar data. Both Outlook and Google Calendar have support for exporting to iCal feeds. Please refer to our KB article for help with obtaining an iCal link for your calendar: https://support.reveldigital.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056082411-iCal-Calendar-Feed-HOWTO.

The new weather app displays current conditions along with daily and extended forecasts in rotation. New modern icons and the ability to style the gadget with custom Google Fonts provides a fresh alternative to our existing weather gadgets.

New weather app gadget with current and 3 day forecast
New weather app gadget with current and 3 day forecast

The new events calendar includes two different layouts to accommodate various template designs and screen sizes. As with the weather, this gadget also supports custom styling with Google Fonts. Automatic scrolling can be enabled with options for scroll speed and for limiting the number of events to display.

Large format layout

Tabular layout

Localization is enabled by default. Simply setting the language in either the device or account settings will determine the date and time formats displayed by both gadgets. Calendar dates and times will also take into consideration the device specific time zone, automatically adjusting based on the calendar time zone (if specified).

You will find the new gadgets in both the template editor, as well as the gadget creator in the media section of the CMS.

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