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Role Based Permissions

New security options for your signage users

A new permissions administration module has been added to the user management section. This allows for fine grained control over visibility and access to the various sections of the website.
An example application of this feature would be to limit the access of an advertiser to only viewing the media and reports, restricting access to the more sensitive information such as player devices and account information.
Permissions are defined on a per role basis, and each user is assigned a role when created. Roles and role permission levels can be changed at any time.
We hope this provides for a clean and simple method of administrating your signage network.

Player Software Update (v 230)

Version 230 of our player software has been released

This is an automatic update and will be installed within the next few days.

A few of the features available to this version include: New alert system for distributing network wide alert messagesAutomatic display adjustment (resolution & orientation) based on template selectionPerformance enhancements to television, marquee, and slideshow modulesExpanded access to internal player functionality from scripting engine
There are also additional features added to our website as well. A new 'Tools' section has been added to the 'Account' menu with access to the alert feature (more tools to come!). The template designer has also recently been modified to give us more room for growth. This means additional template modules and options are in the near future. Stay tuned!