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Google Gadgets

We're excited to announce new integration with Google Gadgets! For those not familiar, a gadget is essentially a mini webpage providing a wide range of dynamic content. Google's gadget directory is a listing of literally thousands of gadgets which can be integrated seamlessly into your digital signage. Plus, not only can you utilize any existing gadgets, but those of you with a background in web development can create your own.

We've provided a quick howto to help you get started here:

We're now available in the Chrome Web Store

Those of you using the Google Chrome web browser will be familiar with the Chrome Web Store which is a collection of web based apps. We've just been added to the list, so those with Chrome just head over to and search for RevelDigital. Installing our app will add us to the collection of apps presented on your homepage which amounts to a glorified shortcut. For those of you not running Chome - no worries as there is no additional functionality provided by the Chrome app - it's just a convenience thing!

CES 2012

We're excited to be partnered with MeeBox at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan 10-13!

MeeBox is a hardware company with an impressive range of products from tablets to all-in-one touch screens and we have found their products to work exceptionally well with our digital signage services. Please visit booth South 2 - 25619 and see our products in action. On display will be a range of MeeBox offerings including their MeeBox Touch Pro which will be running RevelDigital signage as an interactive kiosk.

Visit the CES website for show information and we'll see you there!