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PDF Support and Playlist Management Improvements

Support for PDF documents has been added to playlists. Adding your PDF content is as easy as adding any other media by uploading the document then adding it to any playlist. PDF documents will display each page as a slide very similar to the way PowerPoint documents are supported.

Another improvement we have made recently is in the way playlists are managed. You'll notice when you add new media to a playlist that the selection process has changed a bit. We've added thumbnails, cleaner organization, and the ability to filter the media with keywords. There is also an All Media source type which allows adding any number of media files to a playlist simultaneously. We hope you'll find these improvements beneficial!

Announcing Next Gen Android Hardware

Now available for purchase is our next generation of Android player hardware. We've listened to your feedback and worked very closely with our hardware vendors to provide the best possible Android solution in the market. This new hardware coupled with our full featured Android signage player app is able to provide exceptional performance and reliability and is capable of fulfilling nearly any signage requirement imaginable.

Performance is dramatically increased with a quad core processor, updated Android OS, more memory, and new WiFi hardware. One of the biggest concerns with our first Android hardware release was with WiFi performance. Most Android PC sticks have an internal antenna which greatly reduces range. Our new hardware utilizes not only an external antenna, but a hand selected WiFi chip to guarantee exceptional connectivity, range, and speed. Remote placement of a corded antenna is possible with an optional magnetic mount kit.

Our customized Android Jellybean OS allows …

Touch Scroll Now on Android Player

We introduced touch scrolling of playlists on our Windows player platform a while back which proved very useful for creating quick interactive kiosk applications. We now have the same functionality available on the Android platform. Any playlist zone in your template can be made interactive just by selecting the proper transition type.

This will allow the slideshow to be navigated by touch swiping. Simple kiosks can be created in no time just by adding one of these to any template. Check out this demo using the touch scroll playlist.

New Weather and Spreadsheet Gadgets

We've added a couple new gadgets to our list of freely available gadget content. New to the list is a weather gadget with subtle animations and up to 8 days of forecast, also new is a new spreadsheet gadget that provides vertical row by row scrolling. The new weather gadget has a cool, clean aesthetic and is a great alternative to our Adobe Flash based weather module. The scrolling spreadsheet gadget is handy when screen space is at a premium.

To utilize the new gadgets just add a Gadget zone to your template and click the arrow on the drop-down list. Once your gadget is selected you'll be presented with a number of customization options specific to the gadget.

Twitter Integration Changes

Recent changes to the Twitter API has resulted in some disruptions to our Twitter playlist and template components. The new Twitter API requires users to authenticate with the Twitter service in order to retrieve data. To comply with this requirement we have implemented a Twitter registration which you can find in your RevelDigital account under Account Information. Once authenticated your Twitter playlists will function as normal, however any existing Twitter gadgets or Flash components in your templates will not. We have implemented a new Twitter gadget which is available in the list of predefined gadgets. In most cases fixing older Twitter gadgets will just be a matter of selecting the new Twitter Search gadget from the list. Otherwise we suggest removing the old template component and adding the new gadget. For more information on our Twitter integration see our KB article here:

New Sample Templates Available

We've added a number of cool new templates to the template gallery which are free to use and modify. Many of the templates utilize our Google Docs integration for pulling data from Google Calendar and Google Spreadsheets. All of the new menu board templates use our spreadsheet gadget to pull menu items directly from your own Google Spreadsheet. This provides a clean separation from the template design and menu item data and makes management of the menu items very simple.
We also have a couple new templates which utilize our Google Calendar gadget to display a listing of scheduled events. These would be appropriate for hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, corporate break rooms, etc. As with the spreadsheet gadget, the calendar gadget pulls directly from your own Google Calendar making updates to the signage quick and easy.
We try to make each template as generic as possible to provide a good starting point for customization. Most templates will only require changes to the playlists, logo…

Case Study: Norwalk Parking Authority Kiosks

RevelDigital in partnership with MDI Worldwide have developed interactive kiosks for the Norwalk Parking Authority in Norwalk CT. The kiosks, which were installed at the Maritime Garage and the South Norwalk  Train Station, allow visitors to discover local dining, shopping, and entertainment as well as to print coupons. This project utilizes the RevelDigital platform in some unique ways so we thought a post about it might provide some inspiration!

The primary objective of the kiosk is to assist people in finding local establishments. Secondary objectives include a listing of upcoming events and also to provide a section dedicated to featured vendors with the ability to print coupons for each. Since the people at MDI and NPA were already familiar with Google Docs it was decided to leverage both Google Spreadsheets and Google Calendar to provide the data entry and management. This provided an easy way to manage the kiosk data and was already a familiar tool with the staff.

Our job at Re…

DSE 2013

Again this year RevelDigital will be attending the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas Feb 26-28 in partnership with Philips Commercial Signage and GVision USA. DSE is a trade show much like CES but specific to the digital signage industry. We are very thankful to our partners Philips and GVision USA for including us in their exhibits. This year our Android hardware will be powering a number of exhibit displays demonstrating our unique ability to utilize portrait display modes as well as the custom display sizes offered by GVision. The Philips booth will be giving away a number of our Android players so make sure you pay them a visit!

Booth designations are:
Philips Commercial Signage: #1031
GVision USA: #FT3

Announcing the RevelDigital Android Player for $145

We at RevelDigital are proud to announce our very own custom hardware solution for Android. We've taken the rock solid Android 4.1 platform and coupled it with performance proven hardware to guarantee flawless playback of your digital signage. Not only is this device tiny but it's also capable of playing anything you can throw at it including true HD video and Adobe Flash. The compact size makes it both easy to deploy as well as energy efficient. You can also forget about the hassle of running power and network cabling. This player can be powered with a standard USB cable off the back of any modern television and it's internal Wi-Fi provides cable free networking. Just plug it in to your television HDMI video port and your done. From that point on all upgrades are performed automatically and management of the content is 100% controlled via the RevelDigital website. Absolutely the simplest most hassle free digital signage installation you'll find.

Most of the playback …