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Flickr, Picasa, Podcasts & more

Playlists now have support for virtually any RSS or ATOM feed containing images and/or video. This means you can easily import your existing image galleries from sites like Flickr, Picasa, and Google+ directly inline with your existing RevelDigital media. Just open a Playlist and add a new RSS Feed source. Then enter the RSS url provided by Flickr, Picasa, etc. and your done.

We have also included support for Podcasts (sometimes referrred to as Vodcasts) which are really just RSS feeds containing video or audio. As an example check out the PBS podcast site for their television series ScienceNow You'll find a number of feeds any of which could easily be integrated into your signage.

We've provided an example using Picasa in our Knowledge Base here:

QR Codes

We've rolled support for QR codes directly into our Template Designer making it easy to integrate QR code functionality into any template. For those not acquainted, the QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) provides quick access to websites, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Smart phone users with the appropriate app can just scan the code with the phone's built-in camera and will be instantly presented with the website or phone number associated with the code. To get started just create or edit any template and select the QR code from the Library.

Practical examples of QR code usage:

For more technical information on what exactly QR codes can represent:

Google Menu Board

Our Google Calendar integration was such a big hit we decided to work out a Google menu board. This time we utilize Google Spreadsheets to manage a menu board template in real time. This provides an alternative method for users familiar with Google products to update menu items and pricing.

Login to your RevelDigital account and check out the Template Gallery where you'll find a new menu template creatively titled 'Menu 2'. You'll notice two zones named 'Left' and 'Right' which represent placeholders for the Google spreadsheet items. Any number of these zones can be added to the template each of which can contain any number of menu items. Feel free to tweak the template background, playlist, etc to match your own creative requirements.

We've provided a knowledge base article with a step-by-step so please check it out here:

Player Software Update (v 390)

Version 390 scheduled for release on Friday, Sept. 2nd.
This is an automatic update and will be installed upon release.

This update to the player software includes mostly performance related fixes and enhancements but of course we added a few cool new features as well.

Notable feature additions/enhancements: Amazon Cloud Services now used for player software distributionImproved parsing of HTML in RSS/Atom marquee sourcesAdditional functionality exposed in the Player APICSV parser now available to the script engineGoogle Cloud Print services now available to the script engineImproved support for table rendering in the Rich Text zone/moduleIn the next blog post we will provide a demonstration of these new scripting enhancements along with an example template so stay tuned!
NOTE: We have had reports of the player update displaying an "Update Available" dialog box requiring user interaction. We believe this may happen if the automatic update is interrupted. Click here to view the K…

Google Docs Integration

We thought it high time to demonstrate some of the more advanced capabilities of our template scripting engine. Scripting provides the ability to do some really neat things on the player and in this example I'll show how a little script can provide easy integration with the Google Calendar app.

Google calendar is a free tool for scheduling events and works much like all the other Google services. We've added a sample template in our Template Gallery containing the sample script used to pull data from your very own calendar. The cool part of all this is that any updates to your Google calendar will immediately be reflected in your signage. The sample we've provided is a mock-up of a hotel meeting room which displays any current or upcoming events scheduled for the room. As always you can rearrange or design the template any way you like and the functionality will not be affected.
Check out our Knowledge Base article which provides the step-by-step!

Network Maintenance

We will be upgrading our network throughout the next few days and you may experience periodic website downtime. This will not affect your player devices or disrupt your existing signage in any way. With this upgrade we hope to provide better service with greater bandwidth, faster website access, and faster player updates. Thanks for your patience!

Merge Tags!

Now available throughout the platform is a set of merge tags which provide a powerful method of customization for templates and playlists. Merge tags are simply special text tags which can be placed in your template module properties or even in playlists. These tags then get substituted for actual live data when the content gets deployed to your various player devices.

A simple example of how this feature can be utilized is with the template weather module. By inserting this tag: *|DEVICE.LOCATION.POSTALCODE|*  in the Location field of your weather module, you've essentially generalized the weather for all of your players across your network. This means each player will now use it's own specific postal code to determine the weather.

For more information and a list of available tags please visit our knowledge base article here:

New Template Gallery

Free example templates are now available in our new template gallery. Click the Templates tab in your account and you'll find the 'Template Gallery' button on the left. This will provide an ever expanding collection of ready to use templates which are free to be modified and displayed by all our customers. Each template comes preloaded with example playlists and are essentially ready for display. Just customize with your own media and schedule to play! This gallery will also provide a means for us to demonstrate more advanced template concepts including scripting, layering, and masking. So keep checking the gallery because you never know what might show up.

Developer API Now Available

We've just released our new API providing all you code monkeys out there access to your account. This API gives developers a simple framework for mashing up RevelDigital with 3rd party software, websites, handhelds, etc. Endpoints are available in XML and JSON. Access to the API requires a key which can be requested by emailing Please reference our wiki for all the gory details at


As you may have noticed, we have undergone a transformation recently. Not only has our home page seen a makeover, but our entire platform has been through a major architectural overhaul. This was deemed necessary for a couple reasons; customer feedback and growing pains. We work hard to ensure our product is as efficient and friendly as possible and your feedback has proven invaluable to us. The redesign provides more breathing room by utilizing 100% of available screen space. Navigation has been simplified by consolidating what used to be separate edit and details pages, and task sections have been reorganized to provide access with a single click. This is just the initial roll-out and we've got a few more surprises coming in the next months. Our server side also saw some changes to better accommodate growing data and bandwidth requirements. You'll notice the platform URL has changed reflecting our migration to a distributed service model. This helps prevent congestion which …