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Voice Controlled Signage with Amazon Echo

Announcing support for the Amazon Echo for controlling and monitoring your digital signage and kiosk displays with voice. Using the new Alexa Skill for Revel Digital you can send commands or get the current status of any device in your account. With our Smart Scheduling it's easy to create voice activated content useful for kiosk experiences or for simply managing your content on the fly without having to login. With the Alexa app for Android and iOS it's even possible to view a screenshot of currently running content along with the player status.

For example, to trigger content you could say,

"Ask my signage to show weather on lobby screen." 
This would send the command 'weather' to the player in your account named 'lobby screen'.  Another example,
"Ask my signage to tell me the status of lobby screen".
Again, the player is named 'lobby screen', and Alexa will enunciate the current status of the player, as well as send a current scre…

New Audience Analytics Reports for AdHawk Enabled Signage and Beacons

We've introduced two new reports for detailed camera and beacon based audience analysis. These reports work in tandem with AdHawk which is our collection of tools for audience analytics and provide more detailed information on not only impressions by device, but also a breakdown of impressions by media. This means it's now possible to determine the viewership of a specific media item which is a powerful new capability. For example, you need to determine how many people actually looked at a particular advertisement in rotation in your playlist. Not only will you be able to determine the number of true impressions, but also age and gender metrics associated with those impressions.
The screenshot above shows the Media Impressions report generated for the media item titled $5 Off Any Haircut. We get the total number of impressions (views) at 11, and also a breakdown of age/gender for those impressions.

The second report we've added provides the details of the point-in-time imp…

New Facebook and Twitter Gadgets, Now With Photos

We've added new Facebook and Twitter gadgets better suited for displaying your photos. Any attached photo in your post or tweet will be prominently displayed left of the post details. This gadget has the ability to fade or slide and supports swipe gestures for interactive kiosk applications. The new gadgets are called Facebook Photo and Twitter Photo and are listed along with the other stock gadgets in the template editor. Just add a Gadget zone then select the new gadgets from the drop-down list.

Remember to link or re-link your Facebook and/or Twitter profiles to your RevelDigital account as described here:

Instagram Breaking Changes

Instagram has implemented some changes to their API which affect our integration and will require updating any of your templates currently using the Instagram gadget. Going forward Instagram will not allow referencing content from any account other than your own. We have added an option to the Instagram gadget called 'My most recent posts' and deprecated all other options. It's also recommended to un-link your Instagram account from your RevelDigital account and then re-link following the instructions in your KB article here:

Sorry for the inconvenience and we will continue to work with Instagram on getting more of the content features re-implemented if at all possible.

Picture in Picture, Embedding External Video

The ability to embed external video in digital signage is a powerful feature with a number of use cases. Waiting rooms or lobbies, for example, might have two separate displays for digital signage and live TV. In these cases it would be more cost effective to utilize a single display and embed the TV directly into the signage.

RevelDigital provides a simple means to achieve this functionality without breaking the bank. The only requirement is an Android based PC with HDMI input. Compatible devices are available through us, so just contact us for more information. Enabling live TV in your digital signage template is as easy as adding a TV zone and selecting HDMI as the input type. Most any HDMI source will work including output from DVD players, Cable/Satellite boxes, CCTV, etc.

See our KB article for information here:

Howto: Using Variables with Generic Templates

Here's a requirement we see a lot of, the need to utilize a common template across a display network but with small location specific changes. The simple solution would be to just copy and customize the template for each location. Managing this solution however does not scale well since it requires not only keeping track of multiple templates but also scheduling each template to it's respective player. A better solution is to use template variables.

A variable is just that, a placeholder for a value which can change. A variable can be used just about anywhere in your template, including scripting, and allows you to inject values from outside of the template. This means you can now create a single generic template which automatically gets customized to the device once deployed.

We provide an example of creating a generic template playlist which uses the device tags to define the variable. The variable in this example is the device location which is then used to populate the wea…

Weather Breaking Changes

We have had to make a change to our weather data provider which has caused issue with some of our customers. If the weather is no longer working on your signs please make the following change to your template.

Login to your RevelDigital accountEdit the template containing the weather zoneIF your weather is a Flash zoneDelete the zoneAdd a new Gadget zoneDouble click to edit the zone and select the appropriate weather gadgetIF your weather is a Gadget zoneDouble click to edit the zone and select the appropriate weather gadget
We are sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have any more trouble.

Android TV Redux

RevelDigital was one of the first digital signage software providers to embrace Android TV when first unveiled in 2010. With a full blown Android operating system, Android TV is able to offer all of the performance and capability of a stand-alone Android PC with the convenience of TV integration. But with very few TV manufacturers backing the initial effort there was a slow steady decline in interest. Recently, however, Google has renewed the effort, this time with backing from a number of major players including Sony, Sharp, Philips, and Panasonic. This will certainly help ensure a wide variety of options and price points and no doubt increase the visibility of Android TV.

With this renewed effort by Google we also refreshed our Android TV support. We have found this next generation of Android TV provides excellent performance with most coming with Android 5.0 or newer. You can find more information on availability here:

The RevelDigital app for digital si…