Android TV Redux

RevelDigital was one of the first digital signage software providers to embrace Android TV when first unveiled in 2010. With a full blown Android operating system, Android TV is able to offer all of the performance and capability of a stand-alone Android PC with the convenience of TV integration. But with very few TV manufacturers backing the initial effort there was a slow steady decline in interest. Recently, however, Google has renewed the effort, this time with backing from a number of major players including Sony, Sharp, Philips, and Panasonic. This will certainly help ensure a wide variety of options and price points and no doubt increase the visibility of Android TV.

With this renewed effort by Google we also refreshed our Android TV support. We have found this next generation of Android TV provides excellent performance with most coming with Android 5.0 or newer. You can find more information on availability here:

Android TV Play Store Banner
The RevelDigital app for digital signage is available in the Play Store.

Sample template running on the Sony 4K Bravia

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