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ICX Conference and the Mother of all Demos

RevelDigital was in attendance at the ICX Summit and with us came our new demonstration platform we call 'Veronica'. Veronica is a mannequin fitted out with a number of technologies for demonstrating a wide range of real world integrations which tie-in seamlessly with RevelDigital. Included in the demo is a camera for face detection, a number of capacitive touch points, NFC tags, Bluetooth beacons, an LED ring, and an Android tablet running the RevelDigital Player app for digital signage. Veronica was born from a need to effectively convey the utility of these technologies and how they relate to and enhance digital signage. All the sensors and signage in the demo are running in real-time, utilize our stock Android player app, and communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth. This ensures a clean presentation and the ability to say, 'yes, you can implement this today'.

So, what does it do?

The integrated face detection is able to determine the age/gender of the audience which i…