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We've Been Busy! Coming Enhancements to Scheduling and the Android Player

In the next few weeks we will be rolling some much anticipated improvements to the RevelDigital platform. The majority of these improvements will focus on scheduling and the Android player app which will be detailed in follow-up blog posts once they go live.

Our scheduling engine has had an extreme makeover which we hope will alleviate some of the burden associated with managing very large deployments. This new scheduler will reduce the amount of micro-managing associated with our current system and will take a more natural and intuitive approach to distributing your content. We hope to create a set-it-and-forget-it scheduler that will adapt to your growing network with little or no hand holding. Stay tuned for dedicated blog post once it goes live.

The Android player app has also had extensive work done and will go live in the coming weeks as well. The capability of our Android app is fast approaching ludicrous with a huge number of additional improvements including HDMI pass-throug…