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Android Hardware Support

We are excited to announce support for Android based hardware including tablets, smartphones, PCs, and Google TV. Our Android player software includes many of the same great features found in our Windows player including multi-zone layering and transparency, real-time player status, and reporting. The biggest advantage of the Android hardware is it's low cost. A credit card sized Android PC with WiFi and HDMI can be purchased for less than $80 and can provide 90% of the functionality of our Windows based players. Simple signage scenarios such as menu boards or event calendars can now be implemented with VERY little up front cost while still retaining the ease of use and flexibility of the RevelDigital management platform.

Here's a feature comparison of our Android vs. Windows player software:
The variety of hardware available in the Android ecosystem allows for some simplified signage implementations. Some examples include a point of sale or end cap sign utilizing an Android …

Google Spreadsheet Integration

There's a new addition to the RevelDigital gadget collection for embedding Google Spreadsheet data into your templates. Those not familiar with our Google Gadget support may want to check out our knowledge base article here: Gadgets are essentially mini web pages that can be used to enhance your signage with things like real-time financial information, event calendars, twitter feeds, etc. The gadgets we've created can be found on our gadget project site here: and are free to use or modify.

The new addition is a Google Spreadsheet gadget which displays your spreadsheet data in a tabular format. We've provided a KB article to help you get started: As with all our Google Docs integrations the data displayed on your digital signage is synced within minutes to any changes made …

Improved Touch Support

Those of you utilizing touch enabled screens will appreciate our new support for gesture recognition. It's become second nature to swipe and pinch at everything so we felt it couldn't hurt to incorporate the same functionality into our interactive signage.

To preview the new feature just add a slideshow zone to your template and select the 'Touch Scroll' transition option. This will allow smooth scrolling through your playlist by swiping the screen with your finger, similar to a smartphone or tablet.

For advanced users we've also added support for gestures in script allowing for a higher level of interactivity in your templates. You can even create your own customized gestures with multi-touch inputs.

Intel AIM Integration

Intel's AIM or Audience Impression Metrics suite offers a complete set of tools for determining audience characteristics such as impressions, length of impressions, potential audience size, and gender and age range demographics. Not only does this provide a more accurate picture of your overall viewership, but it also allows you to tailor signage content in real-time based on the individual or audience demographic.

We've partnered with Intel to provide complete integration of AIM into our PC based players. This provides the ability to deliver engaging, dynamic content that is driven by the age, gender, or size of audience in front of your screens. For example, a clothing retailer could change the emphasis of their ads to be more male or female oriented based on the average audience gender. A sign could switch from an 'attract mode' playlist to a more focused playlist based on audience size. The flexibility of the RevelDigital platform combined with the intelligent ana…

Automated EAS and NWS emergency alerts

In the wake of all the extreme weather events recently we thought it would be a good idea to make our alert system a little more robust. We have always had support for manually triggered alerts, but the likelihood of anybody taking the time to initiate an alert when a tornado is bearing down on them is next to nil. For this reason we've done some work to integrate seamlessly with the national EAS (Emergency Alert System) and NWS (National Weather Service) to automate the alerting process in the event of a severe and immediate emergency. This means that when a warning is issued for your area your digital signage will automatically switch over to a highly visible 'alert mode' which has warning details along with an alert tone. The warning details include the type of alert along with the full text of the warning message. When the warning has expired your signage will resume playing your 'regularly scheduled programming'.

Enable automated alerts for your account on the…

Creating a mobile app with our REST API

For you technical folk out there we've put together an example of using our REST API to create a mobile app. The purpose of the app is to compliment your signage by providing viewers the ability to view a playlist in slideshow format on their mobile device. The playlist could be one currently playing on your sign or a completely different playlist from your library. To access the app viewers scan a QR code on the sign which loads the app in their mobile browser. A great example scenario for this would be in a retail environment where customers could scan and take the signage with them for viewing coupons or store specials. Scan the QR code for a preview of the app in action.

We've provided a KB article on our support site here:

For documentation on the REST API check out our wiki site here:

Even More Sample Templates

A few more sample templates have been added to the gallery, this time with financial and conference themes. The financial template utilizes Google Gadgets for both real time stock quotes and also for a financial news feed. Customize the stock quote gadget to display any number of your own symbols. The news feed gadget allows for any RSS/ATOM feed and supports rich HTML content. The QR code on this template points to the RSS feed for mobile viewing.

The conference template provides an example of using Google Calendar to supply a fictional event schedule for this years CES show. This of course is just an example which is loosely based on actual events from the show. Again we used a gadget to pull data from the calendar which can display events in both a consolidated (as shown) or tabular format. Events are displayed in chronological order with the next scheduled event shown first. Viewers are able to quickly determine the next event and how to get there.

We've also published the or…

New Sample Templates

We've rolled out a couple more sample templates in the template gallery which incorporate some of our platforms' newer features. Following up on our previous blog post we've utilized Google gadgets as a means to deliver the more dynamic template content including Twitter updates and Google Docs data.

In the Twitter template you'll find a section for live Twitter updates, a media zone for video/images/flash/etc, and a QR code which encourages the viewer to engage in the conversation. The Twitter zone continuously updates with the latest tweets giving viewers a way to follow the twitter conversation in real time.

The Directory template is a simple example of a business directory which pulls the listing information from a Google spreadsheet. The QR code in this template directs viewers to an HTML version of the same spreadsheet which they can reference at any time from their mobile device.

The Gadgets in these examples are all available at our Google Project page at http:…

Google Gadgets

We're excited to announce new integration with Google Gadgets! For those not familiar, a gadget is essentially a mini webpage providing a wide range of dynamic content. Google's gadget directory is a listing of literally thousands of gadgets which can be integrated seamlessly into your digital signage. Plus, not only can you utilize any existing gadgets, but those of you with a background in web development can create your own.

We've provided a quick howto to help you get started here:

We're now available in the Chrome Web Store

Those of you using the Google Chrome web browser will be familiar with the Chrome Web Store which is a collection of web based apps. We've just been added to the list, so those with Chrome just head over to and search for RevelDigital. Installing our app will add us to the collection of apps presented on your homepage which amounts to a glorified shortcut. For those of you not running Chome - no worries as there is no additional functionality provided by the Chrome app - it's just a convenience thing!

CES 2012

We're excited to be partnered with MeeBox at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan 10-13!

MeeBox is a hardware company with an impressive range of products from tablets to all-in-one touch screens and we have found their products to work exceptionally well with our digital signage services. Please visit booth South 2 - 25619 and see our products in action. On display will be a range of MeeBox offerings including their MeeBox Touch Pro which will be running RevelDigital signage as an interactive kiosk.

Visit the CES website for show information and we'll see you there!