New Sample Templates

We've rolled out a couple more sample templates in the template gallery which incorporate some of our platforms' newer features. Following up on our previous blog post we've utilized Google gadgets as a means to deliver the more dynamic template content including Twitter updates and Google Docs data.

Twitter Template
In the Twitter template you'll find a section for live Twitter updates, a media zone for video/images/flash/etc, and a QR code which encourages the viewer to engage in the conversation. The Twitter zone continuously updates with the latest tweets giving viewers a way to follow the twitter conversation in real time.

Directory Template
The Directory template is a simple example of a business directory which pulls the listing information from a Google spreadsheet. The QR code in this template directs viewers to an HTML version of the same spreadsheet which they can reference at any time from their mobile device.

The Gadgets in these examples are all available at our Google Project page at We've found Gadgets to be a relatively easy way to get some simple dynamic content integrated into your signage. If you require a bit more control over the template or require more complicated integration you can always utilize template scripting.

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