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Screen Synchronization for Android

A common requirement for digital signage deployments is synchronized content across multiple displays. This can take the form of duplicated content in which case each display plays the same content at the same time, or a video wall where each display is responsible for a portion of the content. Android hardware is generally limited to a single video output which of course means it can only drive a single display (barring specialized video distribution hardware).

Luckily for RevelDigital clients, these limitations can be overcome with a little template scripting. As long as your players are all on the same network they have the ability to communicate with each other. This allows synchronization of content by sending commands back and forth indicating what and when to play. For video walls with 4 or more displays we still recommend dedicated video wall hardware especially in 1080 or greater resolutions. Feel free to contact us for help with your implementation.

Queue the KB article: htt…

Counter Gadget Now Available

We've added a new gadget to count the elapsed time from or to a specified date. This is useful for counting down to a sale, special event, etc, or for counting the number of incident free days, for example. As with our other gadgets, just add a gadget zone to your template and select the Counter Gadget from the drop-down list.

We've Moved!

RevelDigital offices have moved to a new location so please update your mailing addresses if necessary.

Our new address is:

300 NP Ave
STE 203
Fargo, ND 58102

The new space is still in the heart of downtown Fargo, ND and provides us with more legroom and access to gigabit fiber connectivity. Sometime in the next few days there will be a brief interruption of service as some of our hardware makes the move. This will only be for a few hours and will not interrupt your currently scheduled content. We will post the exact time frame closer to the move.

Thanks for your patience,

Media Approval Now Available

We are announcing a new media approval feature providing more control over your content. When enabled, media approval prevents any unauthorized media from being scheduled until approved by a designated user. The process itself is very streamlined and only requires a few steps to be enabled for your account. Once enabled any media uploaded to your account will be automatically withheld from scheduling. An 'Approver' for your account will then be responsible for reviewing the media and has the option of approving the media either through the RevelDigital management console, or by simply clicking a button on the automatically generated media approval email.

For more information on getting started with media approval, check out our KB article here:

Remote Display Management

Does your display have an RS-232 management port? Are you using Android player hardware with an available USB port? If so then read on to learn how to remotely control your display volume, inputs, power, etc. all from within RevelDigital.

The primary advantage of enabling display control is cutting power usage. Once configured, the RevelDigital players will power off the attached display when not scheduled to play anything. Keeping your displays powered off during off-peak or closed hours has the potential for substantial savings in power usage and increased longevity of your displays.

A few other interesting things you could do..

Adjust display brightness based on time of dayAdjust volume based on content, display proximity, etcSwitching display input to live TV, or coax for certain periods of time
Check out our KB article to get started:

Multi-Location Weather Gadget

We've added a new weather gadget with support for up to 5 different locations. Current weather for each location is displayed for a few seconds before flipping to the next location. Just add a gadget zone to your template and select "Weather for Multiple Locations" from the drop list. Weather information includes current conditions and high/low temperature for the day.

Emergency Alerts Reminder for Severe Weather Season

Severe weather season is here and we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of automated emergency alerting. Any of your RevelDigital displays can be configured to automatically warn of severe weather and other emergency situations with a full screen alert message and audible alert tone. Once the warning has expired your regular content will resume play.

Enable automated alerts in Account > Tools > Configure Automated Alerts
Also, it's important that your devices be configured with accurate locations. Just click on each device in your account and verify the address is correct.
Our KB article on alerts is located here:

Instagram Integration

Announcing our new Instagram integration! Instagram photos can now be added to any template with our new Instagram gadget. Options are available to source the photos by user, location, tag, or by popularity. An optional caption provides additional information on each photo.

For a step by step how-to please reference our KB article here:

Heartbleed Security Concerns

The recent discovery of the SSL vulnerability coined 'Heartbleed' has raised concern for all users of web based software and justifiably so. SSL is the security protocol which encrypts the data channel between browser and server. The vulnerability involves a server library called OpenSSL which is common on many Linux based distributions and has the potential to allow an attacker to collect sensitive data from or even remotely access affected servers. Thankfully the core of the RevelDigital platform utilizes Windows server software which is NOT affected by the Heartbleed bug. We do have a Linux based server which is utilized for internal services and does not have access to sensitive data. This server has since been patched and is certified safe.

To reiterate, RevelDigital customers have NOT been affected by the Heartbleed bug. We encourage you to visit the Heartbleed informational website for more information.

Mobile Driven Signage

Viewership is obviously important to the success of your digital signage but imagine if your viewers were actively engaged. Viewers interacting with your signage are not only giving you their full attention, but with the ability to drive the content they are allowed a more personalized experience. A viewer with some vested interest is far more likely to stay engaged longer. Also, a nice side-effect of user selected content is that the play log gives valuable insight into the demand or popularity of a given piece of content. Simply running an affidavit report will instantly determine which content has been selected the most by your viewers.

That's great and all but how does it work? Well, by leveraging the flexibility of the RevelDigital platform of course! We have created a basic framework that essentially allows for remote control of your digital signage using most any mobile device. There are three main components including; a template gadget providing a carousel of 'selecta…

Aviary Image Editing Now Available

We've added yet another tool for image editing. Aviary is a simple tool for making quick changes to any image with support for cropping, color correction, text addition, and more. Aviary is strictly for editing and cannot be used to create a new image, but is by far the easiest method for making simple tweaks.

Check it out by clicking on any image media item where you'll find the Edit with Aviary button.

We've Been Busy! Coming Enhancements to Scheduling and the Android Player

In the next few weeks we will be rolling some much anticipated improvements to the RevelDigital platform. The majority of these improvements will focus on scheduling and the Android player app which will be detailed in follow-up blog posts once they go live.

Our scheduling engine has had an extreme makeover which we hope will alleviate some of the burden associated with managing very large deployments. This new scheduler will reduce the amount of micro-managing associated with our current system and will take a more natural and intuitive approach to distributing your content. We hope to create a set-it-and-forget-it scheduler that will adapt to your growing network with little or no hand holding. Stay tuned for dedicated blog post once it goes live.

The Android player app has also had extensive work done and will go live in the coming weeks as well. The capability of our Android app is fast approaching ludicrous with a huge number of additional improvements including HDMI pass-throug…