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Viewership is obviously important to the success of your digital signage but imagine if your viewers were actively engaged. Viewers interacting with your signage are not only giving you their full attention, but with the ability to drive the content they are allowed a more personalized experience. A viewer with some vested interest is far more likely to stay engaged longer. Also, a nice side-effect of user selected content is that the play log gives valuable insight into the demand or popularity of a given piece of content. Simply running an affidavit report will instantly determine which content has been selected the most by your viewers.

That's great and all but how does it work? Well, by leveraging the flexibility of the RevelDigital platform of course! We have created a basic framework that essentially allows for remote control of your digital signage using most any mobile device. There are three main components including; a template gadget providing a carousel of 'selectable' content, a media zone for currently playing content, and a mobile app providing the remote control capability. It's important to note that NONE of the individual pieces comprising this solution are proprietary. All of the code for the gadgets are publicly accessible. They simply use the RevelDigital API and other web based technologies to retrieve the appropriate content and coordinate with each other.

We have provided an article with step-by-step instructions for implementing this functionality in your own templates here:

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