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New FlightStats Gadget and Template

We've added a new example template to the Template Gallery which demonstrates our new FlightStats gadget. FlightStats is a flight data service providing real-time information on flight schedules. This new gadget provides an easy method of integrating flight arrival and departure times into your digital signage. The template demonstrates a multi-purpose sign with weather, events via Google Calendar, time/date, slideshow, and of course the FlightStats gadget. Perfect for a hotel lobby.

To try this template, or any of the other sample templates, just go to the Template Gallery in your RevelDigital account, then click the button corresponding to the template you wish to use. This will copy the template and associated media to your account which you are free to modify or simply use as is. The FlightStats template is called Flight Board.

Please note, FlightStats is not a free service and requires a FlightStats account. Check out their page here for more information: https://developer.fl…

Real-Time Beacon Activity Monitoring

We've just added a cool new visualization to our AdHawk suite of audience measurement tools which provides a real-time view of your beacon network activity. When someone enters the range of a beacon they will pop into view as a circular avatar with a line connecting that avatar to the triggered beacon. Once out of range of the beacon their avatar will disappear. Hovering over an avatar will reveal profile information and a dwell time indicating how long they have been at the beacon.

This new tool will allow our users the ability to instantly determine beacon activity level and will even help in initial setup or fine tuning of beacon properties. To see a sample of the tool, along with the other AdHawk charts and visualizations, just click the AdHawk tab in your RevelDigital account.
For more information on using beacons with the RevelDigital platform please see our AdHawk page, or contact us directly.

Custom Font Support With Google Fonts

Now you can spice up your template designs with Google Fonts! Google Fonts offers a large variety of type styles to meet most any design criteria. Head over to to check them out.

We've made incorporating these fonts into your template as simple as possible by adding a new option to the existing font style dialog. Just enter the name of the font you would like to use - nothing more to it! Any gadget with a style selection be able to utilize this new feature.

We have also added a new Text Gadget to the stock list of gadgets supplanting the Text Zone in cases where Google Fonts would be preferred. You'll find the new gadget in the Gadget source drop down list.

For more info, please see our KB article for a step-by-step guide here:

Important Changes to Affidavit Reporting

Starting November 1st we will require users to opt-in in order to continue receiving affidavit or 'proof of play' reports from their players. This involves simply toggling a switch in your account settings. We have made this change to prevent unnecessary consumption of network bandwidth in cases where proof of play is not a requirement.

To enable affidavits for your account:
Login to your RevelDigital accountGo to Account > Account Information, or click hereToggle the Affidavit button on right lower-right hand side of the pageAccept your changes Any affidavits prior to the Nov. 1st deadline will not be affected.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for using RevelDigital!

Utilizing Audience Measurement & Face Detection

Audience measurement has been available on the RevelDigital platform for quite some time yet most of our customers are not aware of it's existence. All of our Android players currently support the technology and simply need it to be enabled. For those unfamiliar with the technology it allows measuring the age and gender of your audience as well as providing key metrics including the number of impressions (visitor count) as well as dwell time (duration of visit). It's important to note that this data is in no way able to identify an individual and is collected anonymously.

This audience data can be utilized in a number of different ways including: Real time tuning of your playlists based on the current audience makeupAnalyzing your audience using our integrated AdHawk reporting toolsCustom template actions via scripting based on real time audience data Audience measurement can be used with or without digital signage. Simply collecting and analyzing the data is an option as well…

ICX Conference and the Mother of all Demos

RevelDigital was in attendance at the ICX Summit and with us came our new demonstration platform we call 'Veronica'. Veronica is a mannequin fitted out with a number of technologies for demonstrating a wide range of real world integrations which tie-in seamlessly with RevelDigital. Included in the demo is a camera for face detection, a number of capacitive touch points, NFC tags, Bluetooth beacons, an LED ring, and an Android tablet running the RevelDigital Player app for digital signage. Veronica was born from a need to effectively convey the utility of these technologies and how they relate to and enhance digital signage. All the sensors and signage in the demo are running in real-time, utilize our stock Android player app, and communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth. This ensures a clean presentation and the ability to say, 'yes, you can implement this today'.

So, what does it do?

The integrated face detection is able to determine the age/gender of the audience which i…

Automated Weather Alerts Reminder

Severe weather season is here again for us in the States and we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone of automated emergency alerting. Any of your RevelDigital displays can be configured to automatically warn of severe weather and other emergency situations with a full screen alert message and audible alert tone. Once the warning has expired your regular content will resume play.

Enable automated alerts in Account > Tools > Configure Automated Alerts
Also, it's important that your devices be configured with accurate locations. Just click on each device in your account and verify the address is correct.
Our KB article on alerts is located here:

Stream live TV to your digital signage

We now have available IPTV hardware guaranteed to work great with your RevelDigital signage. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and allows for streaming video/audio over your own private network. With this hardware you will now be able to embed virtually any external video source directly into your digital signage at any size or position within your template designs. The way it works is very simple, plug any video source into HDMI input on the the IPTV box then connect the IPTV to your existing network router. Once video is streaming over your network just add a TV zone to your digital signage template and you're done.

For questions or to purchase hardware, please contact

DSE 2015 Takeaways

Thanks to all who visited us at the Digital Signage Expo this year, it was a great time and was nice to meet everyone. This was our first trade show as RevelDigital and we didn't quite know what to expect, but the interest generated was overwhelming and all told was a very positive experience. Our beacon integration got a lot of attention which was great to see as we are excited for where this technology will lead. Special thanks to OptConnect for the ATM and to United Visual Products for the kiosk. We look forward to next year!

Facebook Integration

We've introduced a new Facebook gadget which will display a scrolling list of your recent wall posts. This integration is very similar to our Twitter and Instagram integrations - just link your Facebook account to your RevelDigital account and add the Facebook gadget to your template. Here's a KB article to get you started:

Digital Signage Expo 2015

We are excited to be attending DSE 2015 at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 10-13. This will be a great opportunity to demonstrate some of our latest technology and platform features including beacons, adHawk analytics, and and array of sensor integrations from facial recognition to barcode scanning. Visit us as booth 637.

Click here for our eBooth listing

Auto Scrolling for Google Docs Gadgets

Automatic scrolling is now available on both the Google Calendar and Spreadsheet gadgets. To enable scrolling just edit your gadget properties and select the scroll options for speed and scroll type. Any content extending beyond the gadget will then auto scroll into view.

Note: Google has recently made some changes to Docs  which requires a different procedure for sharing and integration with RevelDigital. To view our updated KB articles see the following:

Google Calendar IntegrationGoogle Spreadsheet Integration

AdHawk Beacon Analytics

Analytics is now live for all adHawk beacons registered to your account. A full suite of real-time charts provides comparative metrics for impressions, dwell time, and user gender. An interactive heat map allows for instant visual inspection of the most active beacons. Selecting a comparative date range will present the additional data side-by-side for quickly determining trends, and chart intervals can be selected for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns. Click tracking is also available by running the Affidavit report which details the exact date and time a user selected a particular media item for viewing.

These tools are an essential element to closing the loop on your beacon campaigns by providing feedback on beacon performance. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive end-to-end solution for beacon related marketing, and we understand the critical importance of analytics. Please contact us with any questions or comments, your feedback is important to us!

To view yo…