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Touch Scroll Now on Android Player

We introduced touch scrolling of playlists on our Windows player platform a while back which proved very useful for creating quick interactive kiosk applications. We now have the same functionality available on the Android platform. Any playlist zone in your template can be made interactive just by selecting the proper transition type.

This will allow the slideshow to be navigated by touch swiping. Simple kiosks can be created in no time just by adding one of these to any template. Check out this demo using the touch scroll playlist.

New Weather and Spreadsheet Gadgets

We've added a couple new gadgets to our list of freely available gadget content. New to the list is a weather gadget with subtle animations and up to 8 days of forecast, also new is a new spreadsheet gadget that provides vertical row by row scrolling. The new weather gadget has a cool, clean aesthetic and is a great alternative to our Adobe Flash based weather module. The scrolling spreadsheet gadget is handy when screen space is at a premium.

To utilize the new gadgets just add a Gadget zone to your template and click the arrow on the drop-down list. Once your gadget is selected you'll be presented with a number of customization options specific to the gadget.