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Case Study: Norwalk Parking Authority Kiosks

RevelDigital in partnership with MDI Worldwide have developed interactive kiosks for the Norwalk Parking Authority in Norwalk CT. The kiosks, which were installed at the Maritime Garage and the South Norwalk  Train Station, allow visitors to discover local dining, shopping, and entertainment as well as to print coupons. This project utilizes the RevelDigital platform in some unique ways so we thought a post about it might provide some inspiration!

The primary objective of the kiosk is to assist people in finding local establishments. Secondary objectives include a listing of upcoming events and also to provide a section dedicated to featured vendors with the ability to print coupons for each. Since the people at MDI and NPA were already familiar with Google Docs it was decided to leverage both Google Spreadsheets and Google Calendar to provide the data entry and management. This provided an easy way to manage the kiosk data and was already a familiar tool with the staff.

Our job at Re…