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Automated EAS and NWS emergency alerts

In the wake of all the extreme weather events recently we thought it would be a good idea to make our alert system a little more robust. We have always had support for manually triggered alerts, but the likelihood of anybody taking the time to initiate an alert when a tornado is bearing down on them is next to nil. For this reason we've done some work to integrate seamlessly with the national EAS (Emergency Alert System) and NWS (National Weather Service) to automate the alerting process in the event of a severe and immediate emergency. This means that when a warning is issued for your area your digital signage will automatically switch over to a highly visible 'alert mode' which has warning details along with an alert tone. The warning details include the type of alert along with the full text of the warning message. When the warning has expired your signage will resume playing your 'regularly scheduled programming'.

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