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Player Software Update (v 390)

Version 390 scheduled for release on Friday, Sept. 2nd.
This is an automatic update and will be installed upon release.

This update to the player software includes mostly performance related fixes and enhancements but of course we added a few cool new features as well.

Notable feature additions/enhancements: Amazon Cloud Services now used for player software distributionImproved parsing of HTML in RSS/Atom marquee sourcesAdditional functionality exposed in the Player APICSV parser now available to the script engineGoogle Cloud Print services now available to the script engineImproved support for table rendering in the Rich Text zone/moduleIn the next blog post we will provide a demonstration of these new scripting enhancements along with an example template so stay tuned!
NOTE: We have had reports of the player update displaying an "Update Available" dialog box requiring user interaction. We believe this may happen if the automatic update is interrupted. Click here to view the K…