Utilizing Audience Measurement & Face Detection

Audience Measurement
Audience measurement has been available on the RevelDigital platform for quite some time yet most of our customers are not aware of it's existence. All of our Android players currently support the technology and simply need it to be enabled. For those unfamiliar with the technology it allows measuring the age and gender of your audience as well as providing key metrics including the number of impressions (visitor count) as well as dwell time (duration of visit). It's important to note that this data is in no way able to identify an individual and is collected anonymously.

This audience data can be utilized in a number of different ways including:
  • Real time tuning of your playlists based on the current audience makeup
  • Analyzing your audience using our integrated AdHawk reporting tools
  • Custom template actions via scripting based on real time audience data
Audience measurement can be used with or without digital signage. Simply collecting and analyzing the data is an option as well. The use cases are obviously very wide ranging but a few examples would include:
  • Gender specific media, eg: play the ad for cologne when the audience is mostly male.
  • Attract loops, eg: play the attract ad when no one is currently viewing the signage.
  • Age specific media, eg: play more Disney trailers when the viewership is mostly children.
Also available is the ability to analyze this data using our integrated AdHawk reporting. Clicking the AdHawk tab on your RevelDigital account page will show a number of charts with various metrics including impressions, dwell time, age/gender breakdown, heat maps, and even traffic flow (currently for our beacon technology only). Comparative analysis is available by date range as well as the ability to view data on month, week, day, or hour intervals.

AdHawk reporting is available for a number other sensor technologies including beacons and motion detection for simple visitor counts. For more information on AdHawk see our product page here.

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