New Sample Templates Available

We've added a number of cool new templates to the template gallery which are free to use and modify. Many of the templates utilize our Google Docs integration for pulling data from Google Calendar and Google Spreadsheets. All of the new menu board templates use our spreadsheet gadget to pull menu items directly from your own Google Spreadsheet. This provides a clean separation from the template design and menu item data and makes management of the menu items very simple.

We also have a couple new templates which utilize our Google Calendar gadget to display a listing of scheduled events. These would be appropriate for hotel lobbies, meeting rooms, corporate break rooms, etc. As with the spreadsheet gadget, the calendar gadget pulls directly from your own Google Calendar making updates to the signage quick and easy.

We try to make each template as generic as possible to provide a good starting point for customization. Most templates will only require changes to the playlists, logo, and Google Docs id (if applicable). Each sample template is available in both 1080 and 720 display sizes. Click here to view the gallery.

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