New Year, More New Features!

Happy new year! To welcome 2019 we have added some new features and improved some others.

Stock Photos, Video and Clipart

We've added the ability to import stock media courtesy of OpenClipart and Pixabay. The new options are available in the New Media menu and also in the template designer.

New import options for stock media

Browse the available media, then click an item to import into your account. Use the filter options to search various media types including photos, illustrations, vector images, and video.

Advanced filtering for quickly finding media

Media Uploads in Template Editor

No more having to pre-upload media before designing your template. It's now possible to add new media directly within the template editor.

Media Filtering

Advanced filtering options are now available for media selection dialogs and will be incorporated into other areas of the CMS as well. Click the filter icon to show the available options.

Find the new filtering options by clicking this icon

Improved AdHawk Audience Analytics

We've improved the performance and accuracy of our audience analytics tool, as well as added some new visualizations. It's now possible to view the reach and average dwell time of individual media items. This gives great insight into which media assets are generating the most viewer interest. Our AdHawk tool is available to all Plus service level devices, and it compatible with a number of sensor types including computer vision, Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC, motion detection, and others. Contact us for more info.

Audience analytics

We have lots more in store for 2019, so stay tuned and as always we'd like to thank our customers for your continued support!

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