Measuring Performance with Event Tracking

Event tracking is a method of data gathering which can provide valuable insight into the performance of your digital signage campaigns. An event could be anything from a button press to a barcode scan, but in the end should equate to some important measure of the success of your signage. We have incorporated event collection and analytics into our product which, in addition to our audience measurement, is able to provide a more complete picture of user engagement.

AdHawk Analytics

Kiosks are an ideal application for event tracking since it's user driven. Each interaction could be recorded as an event along with corresponding dwell times giving insight into which sections attracted the most attention. Event tracking is not constrained to user driven scenarios, however. It may be that you wish to record RFID tags to help determine which products are most popular in a lift-and-learn scenario.

Event tracking is very useful in it's own right, but combined with audience analytics it becomes possible to get a complete conversion funnel. Audience measurement can tell us how many people looked at the display along with age range, gender, dwell time, etc. Event tracking can tell us how many of those people actually engaged with the display and for how long. Segments of this data can be created using advanced filtering within AdHawk which is then applied to the funnel chart for visualization.

Funnel diagram with audience and event segments

Instrumenting your signage with event tracking is as simple as adding a single line of script to your template. We also have a REST API option for use cases outside the player or for embedded web based content.

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