Announcing our FrontLine series of temperature taking hardware

FrontLine Kiosk
    As public spaces begin to reopen there are certain health monitoring measures in place to ensure it's done as safely as possible. We recognized that our platform was ideally suited for temperature monitoring since many of our customers could potentially re-purpose or enhance existing digital signage with temperature taking accessories. It was important to us to keep the cost balanced with performance to help businesses meet any newly imposed regulations required for opening. As such, we did the majority of the design, prototyping, and development of both the hardware and software in-house in order to cut costs which we can then pass on to our customers.

    Two hardware options are available with slightly different methods of measurement. The first is a camera based approach which uses face detection to help align the temperature sensor with the desired target area. It's important to note that this is not face identification, but simply face detection which retains no personally identifiable information. The second approach uses the wrist as the temperature target. In this case the person simply holds their wrist above the sensor area. Both methods are very fast, helping to eliminate any waiting time.
FrontLine Sensor Kit

    Revel Digital works with our hardware and kiosk partners to assist in the design and fabrication of custom enclosures if desired. We also have a selection of stock mounts and stands available immediately.
Tabletop Stand

    FrontLine works in conjunction with the Revel Digital platform which means all the features currently available to our digital signage customers is also available to FrontLine enabled displays. This includes device monitoring, reporting, and custom content. See our features page for more on what our CMS has to offer. This has the added advantage of being able to reuse the display for any other digital signage related use cases if temperature monitoring is no longer necessary.

FrontLine specific reports

For more information please contact us at, or call +1-855-738-3534.

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