HDMI Picture in Picture with the Geniatech APC390R

Revel Digital now has native support for the Geniatech APC390R, an Android based mini PC with the capability of accepting HDMI input for picture-in-picture functionality. This allows for seamless integration of an external video source, such as live TV, directly within your digital signage. Most any HDMI v2.0 audio/video device is compatible such as a DVD player, cable/set-top box, satellite dish, game console, camcorder, security camera, PC, etc.

Embed any live video source

The video is treated as any other type of content zone within the Revel Digital template designer which allows you to be as creative as you like with your content. A common use case for this type of functionality is framing the video with contextual information or advertising.

Geniatech APC390R with HDMI input

The process of adding the HDMI video to your digital signage is very simple. Just add a TV Tuner zone to any template, select HDMI as the input type, then position and size the zone as needed. Then get creative by embellishing with other content such as slideshows, marquees, date/time, gadgets, backgrounds, overlays, etc.

Add an HDMI TV zone to your template

In order to utilize the HDMI input it's necessary to install a special build of our Android player APK. For more information on downloading and installation please see our KB article here:

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