W-13: Where Innovation is Built

W-13, short for Warehouse 13, is where the magic of creating and building new digital displays happens at Revel Digital. Based in Fargo, ND, W-13's engineers focus on how consumer's interact with a product or service and how an interactive display can enhance the experience.

Displays are showcased in W-13 for a variety of unique concepts including, but not limited to, retail, restaurant, POS systems, transportation and billboards. Revel Digital creates digital displays that are versatile, so each solution can be modified for a specific use depending on the product or service its highlighting. With everything in one place, W-13 is perfect for visitors to explore and experience all of the different displays and their unique features.

Did you know any display can be turned into an interactive kiosk? Below is a list of a few ways Revel Digital modifies digital signage to increase consumer engagement.

Smart Display Solutions

  • Lift-to-Learn or Place-to-Learn using RFID / NFC
  • Voice interaction with Amazon Alexa
  • Face or motion detection for intelligent attract loops
  • Content triggers via consumer mobile devices
  • Visual or audio enhancements with external hardware integration

Want to learn more? Contact us to see what innovative display could enhance your business.

What's Next

Stay tuned for more featured content to follow in the coming weeks!

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